The Big Start Show

The Big Start Show


Q. Who can enter The Big Start?
A. All participants must be over 18 and under 35 and citizens of Saint Lucia. Their business idea must be at concept stage. Registered businesses are not eligible.

Q. Are participants expected to establish their business at the end of the show?
A. No. We do not expect participants to establish their business in the 11 weeks of the show’s duration. We do expect that at the end of the 11 weeks, they are fully equipped to take the grand prize of $50,000 and begin to enact their business plan. Even those who did not win the grand prize, we expect will also be able to put together a business plan that will be attractive to financial institutions for funding.

Q. What if a team does not want to use the $50,000 to establish their business?
A. The grand prize of $50,000 is only to be used as prescribed and participants will be under contractual obligation to fulfill their part of the agreement.

Q. How were the ten finalists selected?
A. The criteria for selection were based on (1) Viability of business idea (2) Originality and practicality of business idea (3) Demand for the business idea (4) The participants' preliminary preparation and presentation skills.

Q. Who are the mentors?
A. The mentors are trained professionals with invaluable experience in the fields of finance, business, agriculture, manufacturing, export/import, education and health. Most of all, they are all successful business professionals in their own right. They are there to impart their expertise to the teams and guide them through the milestone tasks every week.

Q. How will the winner be selected?

A. Every episode, the teams will face a milestone task. The bottom two teams are the ones who have performed the worse at the task. They will defend their place in the competition in The Conference Room with the judges. The team that does not satisfy the judges will be sent home.

In the end there will be two finalists left. The team who has demonstrated (1) excellent completion of all the milestone tasks (2) application of the mentoring and lessons learned to perfect their business plan so that it is attractive to financial institutions for funding (3) successful design of a prototype and (4) continued stamina and passion for their business will win The Big Start and $50,000.